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300 Creative Dates PDF Free Download

300 Creative Dates PDF Free Download

300 Creative Dates PDF Free Download 300 Creative Dates PDF Free Download

300 Creative Dates!

Most of the dates inside are easy on the budget–date ideas for less than $20. Of course, be mindful that not all of these ideas will work for you. We are all unique in our own special way.

Find the ones that will work and adapt them to your particular style and situation and let this book inspire you to create your own exciting dates!
300 Creative Dates PDF Free Download

Here’s Just a Taste of The Ideas You’ll Get Inside This Valuable Resource…
You’ll discover…
  • 300 Creative Dates – Dozens of dates that are perfect for long-distance relationships. There are dates specifically for celebrating the season, birthdays, anniversaries, vacation dates and other special occasions.

    You will find super inventive picnic date ideas and tips on making dinner dates the most creative and romantic imaginable without spending a lot of money or time in preparation.

  • 8 Creative Ways To Ask Someone Out – Why just ask someone out the normal way when you can make it a memorable experience?
  •  20 Dating Coupons – Coupons you can give your sweetheart to redeem for future creative dates.
  •  The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating – In addition to the 300 Creative Date ideas, this 100-plus page ebook covers the do’s and don’ts of dating for success. If you haven’t been on many dates or your dates have not gone very successfully, this information will be invaluable to you.
  •  14 Dating Disaster Stories – As a special bonus – you will read a collection of disaster stories. They’re hilarious, but also very valuable so you don’t make the same mistakes.
Bonus #1: Dating Bible: A Better Way To Date

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Right now, get a copy of Michael Webb’s dating bible, currently selling for $39.95 elsewhere, totally free.
You’ll learn…
  • EXPOSED: The most common first date mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • What’s the real secret to a successful first date? Chapter 3 lays it all out for you.
  • A simple secret to skyrocket your self-confidence around others. Just follow this step-by-step system and watch as it helps to make men and women respond more favorably around you
  • The secrets of how to be a great conversationalist that everyone loves to be around
  • Learn how to start a conversation without sounding corny or sleazy.
  • Learn how to never run out of things to say and how to make your conversations interesting and memorable.
  • Learn how to be a greater kisser – When it comes time for that first kiss, you will know exactly what to do to make it a memorable event for both you and your date.
  • Learn how to make the transition from being friends to being romantic partners, easily and naturally
  • And much much more…
Bonus #2: The Romantic’s Guide

International #1 Bestseller

(Sells elsewhere for $15.95 value)

300 Creative Dates PDF Free Download Click Here

You’ll learn…
  • A $2 kid’s toy that is far more romantic than an expensive piece of jewelry
  • Learn why Michael cuts holes in his wife’s coin collection
  • Super romantic items you can buy for pennies at the office supply store
  • What $5 anniversary gift will bring tears to your mate’s eyes
  • What’s the most romantic way to celebrate Christmas
  • And much much more…
Bonus #3: The Newlywed’s Guide

To a Happy Marriage

(valued at $14.95)
You’ll discover:
  • The six values critical to building an unshakable foundation to your happy marriage (pages 9-18)
  • How to stay truly happy together and how to avoid the common pitfalls of marriage (pages 19-21)
  • The 4 powerful tools in your romance repertoire (pages 29-30)
  • How you can be overjoyed together even when things aren’t going your way (page 38)
  • And much more