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Fat Burning Fingerprint PDF Free Download

Fat Burning Fingerprint PDF Free Download


Doctors around the world are telling you to eat more of this strange fat-flushing “fruit”…

Hollywood’s A-list celebrities eat it before hitting the red carpet….

And an overweight mother of 2 named Geri used it to melt away 61 pounds in her mid 40’s!

All you have to do is eat this one fat-flushing fruit no one ever talks about… 61Lbs GONE Eating This One Fruit

One of the WORST things you can do when trying to lose weight is cut out all fruit from your diet, after all…

Most fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and super-nutrients your body needs to burn more fat, however…

Some fruits are better than others and you’ll want to stay away from the ones that are high in sugar.

The good news is…

There’s one fruit you should eat every day to burn more fat and kill your cravings…



This Program Was Designed Specifically For Men
and Women Over 35 With a Metabolic Glitch…
Even Better, It Is Completely Safe And Natural

As you can see there’s nothing out there like the Fat-Burning Fingerprint that takes into account your specific “metabolic type” to show you exactly how to drastically burn more belly fat every single day…

WITHOUT counting calories or starving yourself skinny…

WITHOUT prescription pills or medications that only mask your pain and never solve the real problem…

And absolutely WITHOUT living in the gym spending hours exercising that leaves you feeling exhausted for days…

Over 21,000 people have already taken the challenge and started transforming their lives with this fast and easy fat-burning solution which has only been available for a short time online…

And to be 100% honest and sincere, I want to let you in on a little secret…
After becoming an in-demand celebrity trainer over 10 years ago…

And with the health issues my family faced… My time has become extremely limited…

Which is why my personal clients pay me up to $3,000 a month to coach and consult with them…

And it’s a huge bargain when you think about it because I’ve helped add decades onto their lives while getting rid of all the prescription medications their doctors forced on them years ago that was draining their bank account with nasty side effects they couldn’t ignore…

And I charge $300 for an hour-long phone consultation because I know how quickly I can help you after working in the trenches for the past 25 years…
That $300 could save your life while being so much cheaper than the costly medical bills you get from a simple check up at the doctor these days…

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The Xtreme Fat Destoyer PDF Free Download

The Xtreme Fat Destoyer PDF Free Download

The Xtreme Fat Destoyer PDF Free Download

In The Xtreme Fat Destroyer program you’ll discover…

Xtreme Fat Destroyer

-The worse foods you can put in your body
-How to maximize your body’s ability to burn fat during each workout
-How to eat what you want but still stay in fat burning mode 24/7

2 Minute abs Manual:

-How to train abs in under 2 minutes that gets you that toned look

-Learn the most common mistake your probably making that hold you back having your abs show
-debunks all the myths and lies you’ve been told in the past about abs
-How to train your abs to get rid of those unwanted love-handles

Done-For-You Fat Burning Exercises

-learn the #1 exercise that is scientifically proven to burn the most calories

-the best exercises you can to do today at your house that burn the most calories

-How to time your workouts to maximize the fat burning effect
-Each exercise can be done in ONLY 10 minutes
-Gives you a step-by-step progression workout program that works for YOUR body type

Easy-to-make Fat Slicing Smoothie Recipes

-Discover why smoothies are so powerful in turning your body into a fat shedding machine

-how to make smoothies in under 5 minutes that eliminate unwanted toxins that prevent your body from burning fat

-Gives 8 different recipes that prime your body for maximum fat burning.
-Each recipe provides the total amount of calories as well as carbs, fats, and protein.
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Kettlebell Evolution PDF Free Download

Kettlebell Evolution PDF Free Download

“Introducing The Complete Kettlebell Evolution Advanced Fat Loss System by Chris Lopez, SFGII…”

Component 1: The Kettlebell Evolution Advanced Fat Loss Manual (Value $49)

This is your go-to guide to using the kettlebell for Advanced Fat Loss. Learn the MxT Method, understand why simple is better and read about how to utilize this program to its maximum fat burning potential.

Component 2: The Kettlebell Evolution Follow Along Session Videos (Value $49)

Now you can follow-along with the training sessions in the comfort of your own home. Watch and do the videos with me on your computer, iPad, iPhone or iPod (or on any smartphone) and never miss a set or rep.

Component 3: The Kettlebell Evolution Video Exercise Library (Value $39)

For more intricate descriptions of the exercises you’ll be doing and to “tighten up” your form, you’ll get access to the Exercise Video Library where I’ll take you through any and all of the little nuances and details of each exercise so you can maximize the fat burning effect of each one.

Component 4: The Macro-Rhythm Eating Manual (Value $27)

They say that “You Can’t Out-Train a Donut”, and so this is your guide to the style of eating that bests suits your lifestyle. If you followed this manual alone, you’d drop fat like melted butter.

Component 5: The Kettlebell Evolution Training & Transformation Journal (Value $27)

This is the Ultimate Tool to your body transformation. This comprehensive journal will outline exactly what you should be doing – Day-by-Day – so that you stay on track with your goals and never miss a step. You’ll chart your progress, track your training sessions and make sure you stay on-course with your Macro-Rhythm eating.

Component 6: The Kettlebell Evolution Quick Start MP3 Audio Guide (Value $27)

Don’t miss a step and get started with your Kettlebell Evolution right away. Just download the Quick Start MP3 to your iPhone or MP3 player and get all your immediate questions answered.


17 Feb

Kill Your Stutter PDF Free Download

Kill Your Stutter PDF Free Download

Kill Your Stutter PDF Free Download

Kill Your Stutter PDF Free Download

The “Kill Your Stutter™ Program” is a digital program that shows you how to improve and/or stop stuttering using specific targetted techniques for stuttering..

 Kill Your Stutter program will…

Be the easiest guide you’ve ever followed to stop stuttering Simply follow the step-by-step guide and see fast results.

Let you discover the “secret” that costly speech therapists don’t want you to know about: The reason for this is because if they sell you something that ends your stuttering for good, how are they going to keep getting money from you? It’s a business for them afterall!
Teach you the most up-to-date and latest toolsto end your stuttering within seconds, VS. spending hours and money on speech therapy where you’re putting in way too much effort!.
Save you immense research time. More like eliminate – because you just follow it.
Ready to NEVER stutter again in your entire life? … I don’t even need to prove this …. seriously.



“Absolutely amazing product. Why didn’t I use this stutter stopping vehicle earlier? You guys came up with an insanely effective technique in this one … once again not only works but prospers and causes any user to see the immediate value. I call it the ‘stutter retirement’ product!”

– Jay Gould.
Tampa Bay, Florida


17 Feb

Feel Good Knees For Fast Pain Relief PDF Free Download

Feel Good Knees For Fast Pain Relief PDF Free Download

Feel Good Knees For Fast Pain Relief PDF Free Download

5 Minute Ritual” Reveals Secret To Decreasing Knee Pain By 58%

How Can The Feel Good Knees Method Be So Powerful?
Knee Relief Secret #1
Regrow Healthy Cartilage In Your Knee
Your doctor may have told you that once you lost your cartilage in your knee you could never gain it back again. But I am here to tell you it’s simply not true. And I’ll prove it with two groundbreaking studies in the area of joint rehabilitation.
The first is a two-year study of 325 subjects published in the Journal of American Medical Association. All subjects in the study had cartilage degeneration to some degree.
Increase Joint Fluid = Faster Knee Recovery
Here’s Whats Included In the Feel Good Knees Method…
Feel Good Knees 

Companion Guide
This companion program gives you a handy visual guide of how to perform each of the exercises. Learn the fastest method for reducing pain in your knees and develop strong, healthy, “feel good” knees.

The guide includes full-color pictures and descriptions for performing the routine, as well as exercise modifications.
 Feel Good Knees Pain Reduction Tracker
Visually see your progress as you track your pain quickly disappearing. Use this handy tracker so you stay on course and use as a daily visual reminder on your path to strong, healthy, “feel good” knees.
Feel Good Knees Video Library
Learn the perfect form for how to perform each ritual. Includes a full video library where I guide you through each of the exercises as well as modifications and how each of the exercises should feel.

Includes follow-along videos for each of the 3 levels so all you have to do is tap “play” and follow along for the next 5 minutes.
As I researched other programs claiming to help reduce knee pain, I found that they were complicated, required a ton of equipment and took a long time.

However, this is a simple yet effective method where you don’t need any equipment and it only takes 5 minutes.
Is this for everyone?
No, it’s not… if you don’t have 5 minutes to invest in a pain-free life, your health, and your body… then please leave the page now.
Listen, I’m just being honest. I can’t help you unless you are here to help yourself.
To show you how committed I am to helping you today, I’d like to offer you 2 FREE gifts when you pick up your own copy of the The 5 Minute Feel Good Knees Method….
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7 Day Fat Destroyer eBook PDF Free Download

7 Day Fat Destroyer eBook PDF Free Download

Losing weight in the right way is very important to protect your health from harmful diet system with very low calories which will lead to very low metabolism on the long term as many doctors declare that yes you can lose weigh with low carb diet for example but on the other hand these type of diets will harm your health .


in 7 Day Fat Destroyer Ebook you will learn exactly the following :


  •   Find out why less or even NO cardio can still lead to incredible fat loss. You don’t have to spend hours doing cardio.
  •  Develop an explosively fast metabolism so you can burn fat all day long… even while you sleep.
  •  Drop 2 or more dress sizes in just 7 days… even if you’ve been trying other diets for years.
  •  7 Pounds or more…GONE IN JUST 7 DAYS utilizing secrets I used to loose 52 pounds WITHOUT A THYROID!
  •  Lose fat without doing boring workouts and without dieting – You don’t have to give up your favorite foods and you don’t have to starve.
  •  Find out the truth about how low calorie, restrictive diets can cause you to STORE fat!
  •  Discover the types of food that will help you fight fat and NOT gain it. Plus, there are foods that people think are healthy but actually HURT your chance of losing fat!
  •  Discover the top cardio myths and lies that are keeping you FAT!
  •  Learn foods and exercises that age you! Avoid these and you’ll slow down aging.
  •  Find out the top Anti- Aging Foods you can eat more of while looking 20 years younger
  •  Learn the essential toning exercises so you can quickly lose fat, tone up your stomach, and be able to get into your old clothes. These simple exercises take just minutes.
  •  Discover how to move your body to tone up and add lean muscle. Feel more self-confident, have more pride, and show off your toned arms while you’re at it!
  •  Learn the easiest way to eat better on the go… Set up your nutrition to burn fat around the clock. I include sample foods.
13 Feb

Livre Débloquez Vos Fléchisseurs de la Hanche avis pdf

Livre Débloquez Vos Fléchisseurs de la Hanche avis pdf


En travaillant avec Rick, nous avons créé un excellent programme assez simple et fait pour vous.

Unlck your hip flexorsRick a assemblé un « flux séquentiel » conçu juste pour vous, composé de 10 exercices sélectionnés avec soin, des Étirements FNP, des Étirements Statiques, des Exercices de Stabilité Centrale en 3 Dimensions, des Exercices de Mobilité, des Étirements du Fascia & de l’Activation Musculaire.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors DVD


Nous avons filmé ces 10 exercices avec les explications de Rick sur la parfaite façon de les faire et sur comment cibler exactement ce muscle psoas difficile à atteindre. Le contenu de la vidéo se divise en deux parties :

La première est une Vidéo Institutionnelle d’Entraînement dans laquelle Rick vous explique en détail chaque exercice pour que vous compreniez entièrement pourquoi vous le faites, la meilleure façon de le faire et comment vous devriez vous sentir. La deuxième vidéo est conçue pour que vous puissiez réaliser le flux d’exercices en même temps que la vidéo sans coupure d’explication.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Manual 


Vous recevrez un manuel très ciblé approfondissant le sujet du muscle psoas et des effets de son raccourcissement sur votre santé et votre bien-être. Il comprend également des descriptions détaillées des mouvements exacts des exercices avec des images.

Vous constaterez des résultats immédiats dès la toute première fois que vous essayerez le programme.

Ce n’est qu’en apprenant comment le faire correctement que vous pourrez commencer à réparer certains des dommages subis par votre psoas et commencer à aider votre corps à se soigner lui-même naturellement.

Mais tout d’abord un avertissement… ceci n’est pas fait pour tout le monde.

Comme vous pouvez l’imaginer, c’est un domaine extrêmement technique. La dernière chose dont nous aurions envie, ce serait de vous submerger sous trop d’informations, alors nous avons fait de notre mieux pour condenser les éléments les plus essentiels du programme afin que vous puissiez constater des résultats rapides.

Je vous garantis que vous ne trouverez pas de programme plus facile à sélectionner et à commencer à utiliser durant vos entraînements ou votre routine quotidienne.

Et si cela ne suffisait pas, j’ai une offre pour vous si vous commandez aujourd’hui…



Débloquez Vos Ischio-Jambiers Raides
« La Clé D’Un Dos Sain Et D’Une Posture Parfaite »

Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings BonusTout d’abord, si les muscles ischio-jambiers sont raides, ils sont plus sensibles aux déchirures. Peu importe que vous soyez un athlète d’élite, une mère au foyer ou monsieur tout-le-monde, une déchirure du muscle à l’arrière de la jambe peut mettre des mois à guérir et à se rétablir ce qui peut rendre la vie très difficile.

Dans le monde d’aujourd’hui, la plupart des gens gagnent leur vie en position assise en plus d’être assis dans leur voiture et à la maison. Tout ce temps passé assis accroît au fur et à mesure la raideur des ischio-jambiers. Avoir des ischio-jambiers raides provoque une rotation vers l’arrière des hanches et du pelvis, ce qui aplatit le bas du dos provoquant des douleurs dans le bas du dos et une mauvaise posture.

Dans un monde parfait, tout le monde aurait droit à un massage sportif pour aider à améliorer la qualité du tissu musculaire des ischio-jambiers en augmentant la circulation sanguine. Mais malheureusement pour la plupart d’entre nous, ce n’est pas toujours possible.

Toutefois, il y a quelque chose que tout le monde peut faire par soi-même et qui ne prend que quelques minutes par jour pour contribuer à améliorer l’état des muscles et détendre instantanément ces ischio-jambiers raides. En quelques minutes, vous pouvez commencer à inverser les dommages subis par les ischio-jambiers et impacter grandement la manière dont vous vous sentez.

Cette routine super efficace ne réduira pas seulement la probabilité de se blesser mais cela améliorera aussi les performances, corrigera la posture et soulagera les douleurs dans le bas du dos.

Le Régime Anti-Inflammatoire De 7 Jours
« Guérissez Automatiquement Votre Corps Avec Les Bons Aliments »

The 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet BonusLe programme Débloquez Vos Fléchisseurs De La Hanche est conçu pour vous apporter tous les avantages de fléchisseurs de la hanche plus détendus avec plus de force, de puissance et de flexibilité.

Mais ses bénéfices sont multipliés lorsqu’ils sont combinés à un régime holistique pour soulager naturellement les douleurs, les courbatures et les raideurs en luttant contre l’inflammation causée par les blessures ou les toxines environnementales dans nos aliments et notre eau.

Votre régime alimentaire est l’une des causes principales des réponses inflammatoires conduisant à une détérioration de votre santé.

Vous pouvez améliorer instantanément la réponse de votre corps à l’inflammation en choisissant les bons aliments qui travaillent avec votre corps pour stimuler votre réponse de guérison naturelle.

Le Régime Anti-Inflammatoire De 7 Jours est un programme de nutrition fait pour vous. Il présente des recommandations alimentaires, des plans de repas, des listes de courses et des conseils supplémentaires pour aider votre corps à se soigner lui-même automatiquement.

En seulement 24 heures, votre corps activera son processus de guérison naturel plutôt que de provoquer des douleurs et des inflammations pouvant mener à de nombreuses maladies chroniques et problèmes de santé.


  • Comment cibler exactement ces muscles difficiles à atteindre avec des vidéos détaillant étape par étape chaque Mouvement Clé (la démonstration simple et claire de Rick de ces puissants mouvements contribueront à ce qu’ils deviennent une seconde nature en un rien de temps).

  • L’élément n°1 le plus important de la posture du corps humain et pourquoi vos hanches détiennent la clé pour des performances optimales (si cela fait défaut, vos performances sont radicalement réduites que ce soit en courant, en marchant ou même juste en restant debout).

  • Le véritable impact du « Muscle Puissant » de votre corps et comment il impacte effectivement votre bien-être physique, émotionnel et spirituel (vous serez choqué de voir à quel point celui-ci a un gros impact sur votre vie de tous les jours).

The most important element of human body posture

Faster fat loss

  • Comment la réponse de survie naturelle de votre corps a été trompée pour passer en mode « danger » permanent, et comment vous pouvez la désactiver pour constater une perte de graisse plus rapide et avoir plus d’énergie (le raisonnement derrière ceci est dingue, mais entièrement vrai).

  • Les causes principales du changement de structure de votre muscle psoas, un signal d’alarme majeur pour votre corps (tout changement, bien que minimal, a un impact écrasant qui se répercute à travers tout votre corps poussant les autres groupes de muscles à compenser).

  • Pourquoi vous risquez tout autant d’être affecté par ce problème, que vous soyez un adepte de la salle de gym s’entraînant 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7 ou un pantouflard.

  • Pourquoi, si vous avez un travail de bureau ou que vous conduisez une voiture pendant de longues périodes, vous avez besoin d’agir dès MAINTENANT.

  • La raison choquante pour laquelle vos entraînements intenses des muscles profonds pourraient faire plus de mal que de bien si vous n’avez pas détendu vos hanches au préalable (et pourquoi les crunches et les sit-ups n’y feront rien).

  • Pourquoi il est important pour votre santé générale d’avoir des jambes et des fessiers forts et pourquoi vous avez besoin d’éviter de trop fléchir vos hanches.

  • Comment les traumatismes, les blessures et le stress peuvent s’accumuler dans votre posture et comment cela affectera au final votre état psychologique.

  • Pourquoi la « cure » ne consiste pas seulement à arrêter d’être assis (vous avez besoin d’être plus proactif pour cibler les muscles affectés pour réparer les dommages dus au fait d’être assis toute la journée).

The most important element of human body posture

Maximum Athletic Performance

  • Pourquoi les dommages ont probablement DÉJÀ été causés et ce que vous devez faire exactement pour rectifier ces déséquilibres ancrés profondément avant que les dommages ne deviennent permanents (si ceci ne vous fait pas passer à l’action, plus rien ne le fera…)

  • Pourquoi le « confort » et le « support » sont les ennemis de notre physiologie naturelle et comment nous pouvons commencer à revenir à notre posture naturelle (oubliez les oreillers, les coussins de soutien et les ceintures de maintien).

  • Comment les hanches raides affectent vos performances sexuelles à cause d’une réduction de la circulation sanguine et ce que vous pouvez dès maintenant y faire pour avoir à nouveau une santé sexuelle optimale.

  • Pourquoi certains hommes finissent avec le « syndrome de fesses de vieux » qui n’est pas sexy et qui conduit aussi inévitablement à des douleurs de la hanche et comment l’éviter en détendant les hanches.

  • Les 2 situations dont vous avez BESOIN d’être conscient quand vous entraînez vos fessiers pour vous assurer qu’ils sont correctement activés pour des performances athlétiques maximales.

  • Comment vider votre esprit et réinsuffler de l’énergie dans vos pensées simplement en apprenant comment relaxer votre muscle psoas (à lui-seul cet exercice vous aidera à effacer le stress de votre esprit en un instant).

  • Et beaucoup plus encore…
  • flechisseurs de hanche livre gratuit

11 Feb

Conquer Low Platelets PDF Free Download

Conquer Low Platelets PDF Free Download

Conquer Low Platelets PDF Free Download

Now You Can Conquer and Stop low blood platelet count with This Breakthrough Guide

My Guide will show you step by step what I did to help my family restore their health.

You will learn how to always keep your platelets at a normal level. You will reduce drastically or completely those bleeding gums and bruises. You only have to inform yourself on the different methods that are found in this guide and follow the simple instructions therein.

Conquer Low Platelets PDF Free DownloadThis Is What You Will Learn With My Guide:

·         The Two Herbs That can help bring up your platelets

·         The Two Herbs That can help bring up your platelets

·         The Two Vitamins needed to keep those platelets from dropping

·         What foods may cause your platelets to drop

·         How science has confirmed the benefits of these herbs in their use with low blood platelet count

·         Why your doctor may not know about these natural alternatives and how you can assist him in helping you

·         Different tests that naturopathic doctors do to determine your real state of health that may reverse the course of your body drastically

·         Understand some of the reasons why people develop low blood platelet count

·         Discover how your digestive tract may be the culprit to your low platelet level problems

·         How you can prevent the most drastic step – a splenectomy

·         How you can restore your health so that you don’t need any more dangerous drugs

·         Get your life back and stop ending up in the hospital all the time

·         Learn why your immune system is attacking your platelets and how to calm it down

·         Learn what over the counter medications to stay away from if you have low blood platelet count 

·         How you can finally live a life free from steroids and drastic medications
And much, much more…

low blood platelet count testimony

low blood platelet count testimony


6 Feb

Massthetic Muscle PDF Free Download

Massthetic Muscle PDF Free Download

Massthetic Muscle PDF Free Download

MASSTHETIC MUSCLE was built and created using the training principles and  philosophies within the I3 TRAINING SYSTEM. The I3 TRAINING SYSTEM takes an INTENTIONAL, INTEGRATED, and INTENSE approach into our mindset

and training. Everything included is structured and programmed using these 3 principles.
  • Starts with having a “WHY”. Why we training and what are is our end goal?
  • Each workout builds to the next one. Even within each workout, the exercise selection and structure needs to be programmed in a way that effectively accomplishes the specific goal for that day.
  • Not a plan that just has you doing the latest fad or a series of exercises together because they all hit the same body part. Everything is thought out and scientifically programmed to be the most efficient for that day.
  • Each program is written to effectively optimize the way your body builds muscle and loses fat at the same time.
  • Over 15 years of training experience and knowledge from working with/and under top coaches, experts, and mentors within the fitness industry
  • Uses and applies various training methodologies and principles packaged together for the most effective training stimulus
  • Focuses on a balanced physique of Muscular Strength, Function, and Aesthetics
  • PRECISION HYPERTROPHY PRINCIPLES (PHP) for effective use of relationship between resistance and strength profiles
  • Designed to force you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • MAX OUTPUT SETS to elicit maximum hypertrophy and muscle fiber damage
  • Proper integration of ANABOLIC INTERVAL SESSIONS to replace steady state cardio and create the greatest EPOC effect for total calorie burn
  • Use of “interval” type sets (supersets, drop sets, tri-sets)
MASSTHETIC MUSCLE was created to put an end to the vicious cycle of bulking and cutting!
It was created for guys like YOU and ME! Those who are not concerned with a specific number on a scale, but more concerned with having a LEAN, RIPPEDMUSCULAR AESTHETIC PHYSIQUE year round!
Here’s The TRUTH:
Any man training for aesthetic purposes should never go above 10% body fat, which is not that lean, but it is lean enough where muscle definition, leanness, and vascularity are sufficient enough to make you look INCREDIBLE!
More reasons why you want to maintain a lean physique year round: 
  • The leaner you are, the better your body becomes at utilizes nutrients (also known as Nutrient Partitioning). Lean individuals more effectively store nutrients in their muscles, as either muscle tissue or glycogen, and less likely to store it as body fat. THE LEANER YOU ARE, THE MORE YOU CAN EAT WITHOUT GETTING FAT! 
  • Remember FAT CELL HYPERPLASIA? The fatter you allow yourself to get, the more fat cells you produce. THIS MAKES IT EASIER FOR YOU TO GAIN FAT AND HARDER TO LOSE FAT IN THE FUTURE!  
  •  You are less likely to be at risk of minor infections and diseases due to a stronger and healthier immune system. In addition, the lower you can keep your body fat levels, the less inflammation your body will carry, keeping stress and pressure off those joints. Both these will result in YOU BEING ABLE TO TRAIN CONSISTENTLY FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME. 
6 Feb

Unlock Your Glutes PDF Free Download

Unlock Your Glutes PDF Free Download

Unlock Your Glutes PDF Free Download

Unlock Your Glutes PDF Free Download

The package includes:

Unlock Your Glutes Manual

Inside the pages of the Unlock Your Glutes Manual, I expose all the myths and misconceptions about growing your glutes like crazy. Based upon the latest science and my experience working with elite athletes, this easy-to-use blueprint will show you exactly why the glutes are so important to your health and how to get the best looking and performing rear end around.

I share exactly what works, including detailed, highly specific breakdowns and pictures of each exercise. There’ll be no doubt in your mind what you need to do and when.

The Complete Coaching Videos:
Bodyweight Edition and Gym Edition

Let’s be frank. A comprehensive package like this includes a LOT of movements. For the fastest results, I recorded every single one of the 36 exercises to show you the exact form and movement pattern. The sooner you nail this, the sooner you see results.

Shot in high definition at our state-of-the-art training facility, you benefit from both the Bodyweight Edition designed for use at home or even on the road. The Gym Edition shows you how to use equipment in your local gym or home gym to add resistance and accelerate results.

Here’s what Unlock Your Glutes students are saying…

Targets the Glutes from ALL Angles

“Training glutes is one of my favorite body parts to hit. Brian’s workout really targets them from all angles. From heavy weighted thrusts, to simple body weight exercises you can do from home. This workout will definitely keep that rear view tight!”

Stephanie Dushane
Bikini Competitor, Largo FL

Coach Brian is the Best Glute Trainer in the World

“My glutes were sore for days after working with Coach Brian. He’s the best trainer in the world when it comes to building a better booty. I highly recommend you try his workouts. They worked for me and they’ll work for you too! The variety of exercises and angles are really different and fun to perform. You are going to feel awesome afterwards.”

Amanda Lynn
Posing Coach, Tampa FL

Less Low Back, Hip & Knee Pain

“Since I started doing Brian’s glute specific workouts I have felt less hip, knee and leg pain. I’m enjoying road races more and I’ve been injury free for a while now. I like the new shape of my behind and I feel a lot stronger. These workouts are fast and simple, you don’t need to spend over an hour working out to reap the rewards.”

Courtney Westerdal
CEO of the Household, Clearwater, FL

No More Flat Butt Syndrome

“I used to be the flat butt guy. That’s not a problem for me anymore after training with Coach Brian at the Compound. My background is in endurance sports, so my ass needed a wake up call 🙂 My wife says whatever I’ve been doing, it’s working. I give the credit to Coach Brian. If you want to get rid of your flat butt, definitely try this program.”

Jim Muldoon
Sales Manager, Seminole, FL

Plus You Can Accelerate Your Way To Stronger, More Powerful Glutes With These Two LimitedFAST-ACTION Bonuses, Worth $94, When You Purchase Unlock Your Glutes TODAY

Strong Legs Workout
(value $47)

So you’re replacing squats and lunges with specific glute exercises. Yet you still want to keep your legs growing… No problem! It’s why I developed the strong legs workout. It is designed to compliment Unlock Your Glutes with two workouts so you have a nice strong pair of legs to go with your newly defined back-end.

  • Designed in conjunction with Unlock Your Glutes to avoid overlap or run the risk of overtraining
  • Workouts can be used as standalone workouts or in addition to the Unlock Your Glutesprogram
  • Both a Bodyweight Workout and a Gym Workout are provided

14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan
(value $47)

What you do between your glute sessions is just as important as what you do in the session. From a nutritional perspective, it goes without saying getting your food right is key to getting the butt you want.

This proven plan is designed to rapidly kickstart fat loss to give you better definition while fueling your glute growth.

  • Designed to promote RAPID fat loss using my easy-to-follow method
  • Takes all the guesswork away from sourcing ingredients and putting together meals
  • Sensible, straightforward advice that doesn’t mean starving yourself or testing your willpower

Here’s what you’ll discover when you invest in Unlock Your Glutes today:

  • Why most “glute” programs are NOT designed to promote the growth of a powerful, healthy rear by getting the science all wrong (and why you’re sabotaging your progress if you follow 99% of them)
  • The mistake that nearly EVERY trainer makes by focusing workouts on the wrong part of the glutes (and what you DO need to focus on to force your glutes to explode)

  • What models and fitness competitors know about sculpting your butt that they don’t want to share (and Instagram “experts” have no idea about) that can accelerate your path to a bigger, rounder butt in less than 30 days
  • Why most glute programs pushed by Insta-celebrities are worthless and only leave you frustrated and out of pocket.

  • Why hitting your glutes first NEVER delivers the results you want and leaves you at maximum 70% peak performance (I reveal the TWO vital steps to make every workout count)
  • What specific exercises you need to do if you have the least attractive type of butt known as “Flat Butt” that will entirely transform one of your least favorite body parts to the one you’re most proud of!
  • The “hidden” impact of weak glutes on your posture and upper body health that leaves physical therapists and chiropractors scratching their heads looking for the REAL cause of headaches, upper back pain, shoulder tension and neck pain

  • Your glutes are constantly at war with another one of the body’s “primal power” muscles. Here’s how to stop your glutes from losing the battle and leaving your body weak and imbalanced leading to diminished performance and a higher risk of injury
  • Why sore glutes aren’t growing glutes (and how to recognize when you’re making real gains with your butt workout)
  • Why hitting the glutes with a ton of micro-targeted exercises is the ONLY way to deliver the kind of glute-specific gains and growth you really want to sculpt the butt you’ve always wanted

  • The training “phase” nearly every workout misses – glute or not – that leaves you without a toned, defined butt despite following a program to the letter
  • How to “flip the switch” on a natural bodily process that compounds all your hard work in the gym and rapidly sculpts your butt muscles
  • Why you can’t exercise your way out of a fat butt and why you need to get into a BUILD phase to sculpt bigger, stronger glutes

  • The TWO key obstacles that stand in the way of rapid glute gains (and how to neutralize them in seconds)
  • The #1 reason why some athletes fail to score a nice looking butt (and it’s all down to how seriously they take cardio)
  • The surprising inhibitor of muscle development and fat loss you probably never even thought about until now (this was a real shock to me when I discovered it)
  • The high intensity move at the end of each workout that makes all the difference. (WARNING: this may destroy you but it’ll put a rocket pack on your gains!)
  • Why even minimal focus on your glutes dramatically improves “core” power and dramatically enhances your sporting performance from football and baseball to golf and tennis
  • Why “cookie-cutter” glutes plans NEVER deliver the gains you need (and how you to mould a plan to fit your individual needs without it getting messy and complicated)