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How To Find The Man Of Your Dreams PDF Free Download

How To Find The Man Of Your Dreams PDF Free Download

How To Find The Man Of Your Dreams PDF Free Download How To Find The Man Of Your Dreams PDF Free Download How To Find The Man Of Your Dreams PDF Free Download 

How To Find The Man Of Your Dreams PDF Free Download 

How To Find The Man Of Your Dreams PDF Free Download


Attracting men like a magnet …

 A (learnable) ability which is the most attractive attribute a woman can possess – more hypnotic and powerful than a pretty face or a sexy body.  Hint:  This has nothing to do with sex! (see page 65)

 How to activate a trigger residing in a man that will make him feel an overwhelming sensation of love towards you (see page 96)

 The powerful strategy that made a sought-after eligible man want to ask a woman to marry him after only 5 months of dating (see page 83)

 The SECRET WEAPON you can use to stir up a man’s passion and give you more power over him than you can imagine (see page 95-96)

 How to make a man feel that even though there are many women in the world, there is absolutely no woman like you (see page 106)

 The secret mindset that will make men sit up and take notice of you (see page 54)

 How to help the man of your dreams find you (see page 64)

 How to impress a man without really trying — A little-known way of behaving toward people that men find infinitely more appealing than being upbeat, positive or flirtatious (see page 65)

 How to give a man clues to let him know that you’re only interested in a serious, long-term relationship – and that you’re marriage material, not just someone to have fun with – while keeping his interest at its peak (see page 90)

 How to make a man think it was his idea to want to get married (see page 94)

 How to tell if a man is good for dating or good for marriage – it’s seldom both! (see page 26)

 The one quality that, if you possess it, will give you an immense sense of empowerment, which will in turn, draw the enraptured attention of men to you.  If you don’t have this, no matter how pretty, smart or successful you are, men will perceive something as missing in you — even if they can’t explain it.  (see page 55 – 56) 

 How to set the tone for sexual intimacy — the 8 magic words you should tell him when he hints at having sex with you; this will magnify your value in his eyes, drive him wild and seriously consider spending his life with you.  Note:  My wife uttered these famous words to me when we were still dating, and I soon thereafter asked her to marry me.  (see page 89)

 How to elevate your value in a man’s eyes – and make him want to cherish you (see page 73)

 Why it’s very important to make a man feel that you do not expect him to fill all your emotional needs (see page 95)

 A powerful (but fun) 14-day exercise that is guaranteed to bring a fresh supply of available meninto your life – takes only 10 to 15 minutes a day.  This will really open you up to someone new coming into your life – and most women ignore this golden opportunity (see page 46 – 47)

 The subtle method you can use to appear approachable and inviting to a man — without looking cheap or easy (see page 61)

How To Find The Man Of Your Dreams PDF Free Download 

Progressing from dating to marriage proposal
in minimum time …

 How to make a man emotionally dependent on you – in as little as 2 dates (see page 82)

 How long should your first phone conversation last?  Longer than this and you blow all chances of keeping his interest at its peak (see page 73)

 The only goal you need to have for a first date – ignore this and you could be missing out on the love of your life (see page 68)

 How to dress in ways that a man would find most attractive — instead of dressing to impress other women  (see page 59)

 The one thing you must convey on a first date – and the things you should never share (most women get this one wrong!)

 The kind of behavior you should have on a first date that will make you instantly interesting to a man who’s worthy of you – and will repel men who are not desirable (see page 70)

 How much to disclose on your first and second date – more than this and you’ll be setting a precedent that will be difficult to correct later (see page 78)  What you should never disclose on your first or second date (see page 80)

 A powerful third-date strategy that’s guaranteed to stir up passion in a man more than anything (see page 82)

 What a man must see you be willing to do before he’ll want to make you a permanent part of his life (see page 81)

 How a certain dating activity causes chemicals to be released in the brain that overrides your rationality when it comes to choosing a man; keeps you from pacing the relationship long enough to know if he’s really your dream man or not (see page 87)

 How to end a date with him wanting more of you – and guarantee that he’ll think of you often after the date has ended (see page 72)

 How to pace a relationship, keep it from overheating too soon and avoid burning it out before it’s had time to blossom (see page 81)

 How to use a man’s innate response to “voids” in order to make your relationship progress faster into marriage – while making him think it was his idea (see page 102)

 The telltale sign that gives a man the idea that you’re not interested in him – even if you’re very interested!  Make sure you’re not doing this or else you’ll blow your chances with him.  (see page 71)

Finding out where the men are …

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